My costume idea for GAMH

Honey colors and a corset!


Steampunk Girl 2.0

Check out her earring! Whoa! Now that’s Steampunk style hoops for U!! Like the two tone take on Blondie hair.

Corset n blouse…




Girls can smoke pipes too!

Like her outfit… the guy in the background is sorta creepy though.


Not to mention the rest of the ensemble!

Tank Girl hat

I found this hat on the San Diego Hat Co. site.

How to make a corset video

Watch a video on how to make a simple corset.

Gorgeous corset

I found this on Flickr.



More of the aeronautical look with cool skirt and riding crop. I can see PeekaBoo sporting this style.

There is even a sketch of your crow. I like his mechanical eye and brass beak…

Steampunk Fairy

Another winged possibility. I like the brass type head piece. Her wings are very nice too.

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