Victorian anatomical corset with cameo

Like neck piece too. Great ideas.


Steampunk Flapper

I like the sound of that, “Steampunk Flapper”. I’m kinda obsessing on this wings thing and I am gravitating towards the aeronautical look complete with cap and goggles. I’ve always wanted to make wings to wear with my stilts. I think I could make something similarly rustic and steampunkish to the images below, then add my own finesse. I have left over muslin fabric from the kimono’s, add some bamboo poles and I am there! Hmmmm. Too many looks. I think I’ll take three please!

Sir Hillary

If I decide to go in drag I will have a big handle bar mustache such as Sir Hillary below and a monocle! His helmet and brass glove is pretty slick too. I do already have a gray military coat, but not as regal as Sir Hillary’s there. I can totally see Wolfgang getting into this character as well.

More hats me lady

Some hats I found and thought were nice.

Illustration & sculpture samples…

I posted this goofy illustration for the combinations of different things she was wearing, e.g. the skirt or could be bloomers (that would be fun), arm warmers and spats. I liked the idea of mixing up the colors and accessories in such a manner.

Then if we got mechanical wings we’d be ├╝bber steampunks on stilts!

Hot steampunk gent with cool hair

I like this image. I thought his dusty traveler attire and especially his hair were note worthy.

A photo for inspiration

Don’t even remember where I found this, but I LOVE this outfit! Looks like burlap or brown canvas is a good fabric to use. Ooh, and leather gloves!

Hot Steampunk

Sketches of my ideas

This is what I sketched out a while ago. I think I want to do the one with the coat. All I need is a hat, a corset, and pants! Oh, and goggles! You could to the fest and hot pants one… or do a variation of the one I want to do, like different colors or fabrics. I think the first thing we do after we do sketches is to go fabric shopping at JoAnn’s in Emeryville, or at Stone Mountain Daughters.

Coat I found

Yesterday after work, I stopped by Goodwill and I found this coat. I plan to add brass findings to it and “Steampunk” it out. I just need to make sure I stay SEXY. We should aim to be Sexy Steampunk Stilters!

Two hats from Hats in the Belfry

I like either one of these, in cream.

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